the body achieves
what the mind


Do not fight the mind, witness it.


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Martial Arts

Thousands of years of refinement sychronizing.

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Real Life hacks you will feel

We believe strength is not only physical.  We believe it takes hard work and more. We believe in owning your future. We believe in our students. We believe in humanity.

Male boxer boxing in a dark studio
Kick Boxing
Child Care
Cardio & Conditioning


Week over week we teach new, exciting, and practical skills, which can be applied to real life scenarios. 

More than Kicking and Punching

We want more for you than the physical aspects of Martial Arts. Mindful morals and ethics are at our core. 

a life long gift

We invest in something that no one can take.

Milky Way with silhouette of a standing woman practicing yoga

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there

Take your life to the next level, do not fear the unknown. It is only through change and challenge that we can truly learn and grow. For thousands of years humans have practice Martial Arts. In this practice we have realized the truth behind others, ourselves, and our environment. Martial Arts is a truly beautiful blend of athletics, physics, anatomy, and psychology.


Satisfaction that speaks

"After moving from Japan where my kids did full contact karate we weren't sure we would get the same experiences or even find a dojo that came close to what they learned, but we came here and we are so happy with what they are learning and accomplishing! Love the family environment as well. We will be here for many years."
Preschool boy practicing karate outdoors
Mindy Grice
"What a great place! They really care about the students and take time with them"
Woman fights with man, self defense technique
Susan Stotz

start achieving right away

You will notice a difference after your very first class. 


$ 300

  • After School Pickup
  • Monday thru Friday
  • Martial Arts Training
  • Wellness thru Mindfulness
  • Personalize 1-on-1 Training
Little Warriors

$ 70

  • 4 to 7 Years Old
  • 5 Classes Per Week
  • Standing & Ground Fighting
Big Warriors

$ 100

  • 6 Days Per Week
  • Monday thru Saturday
  • Ages 7 and up
  • Standing and Ground
    Martial Arts
  • 5:30 to 8:30PM Classes

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What will you regret more? Never doing it? 

What do you fear? Failing?

Stop living in fear and regret!

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